VHS to USB Transfer Service in Los Angeles

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VHS to USB Transfer Service in Los Angeles

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VHS to USB Transfer Service

VHS Rescue provides VHS to USB services for an affordable rate! VHS Rescue started when Chris, the owner of the company need to convert his own home movies to DVD. Once Chris mastered the tape to DVD conversion process, he began a business in Los Angeles. At $10 per tape, VHS Rescue is the most affordable VHS to USB transfer service you’ll find.


VHS Rescue offers their services all across America. From New York city, to Denver, Colorado, and even his neighbors in West Hills, people from all over America have come to VHS Rescue for their VHS to USB transfer needs.


Although VHS is in the name of the company, we offer many other formats of tape to USB conversion too. MiniDV, Betamax, Cassette (mp3 or CD), DVCam, VHS-C, S-VHS, Digital 8, Video8, and Hi8 to file on USB are all covered by VHS Rescue. VHS to USB is a form of VHS Rescue.


VHS Rescue can even transfer tapes from European regions. VHS Rescue has specialized equipment to transfer PAL tape to DVD in Los Angeles. PAL VHS tapes are the most common format VHS Rescue encounters. “We want to preserve your memories from foreign countries” says Chris happily.


VHS Rescue has a reputation for satisfaction that spans from sea to shining sea. From Denver, Colorado our friend Alden recommends us on our Yelp page. From Chicago, Chuck is a big fan of our Betamax to DVD conversion service. You are safe to ship your tapes to Los Angeles, even when coming from a geographically opposite location like New York. USPS is a safe way to transport tapes for transfer to USB. Tape conversion is a hobby of the staff at VHS Rescue.


The output file for the majority of tape to USB conversions are MP4, 640 x 480 encoded with H.264. VHS Rescue wants to bring quality VHS to USB conversion services to Los Angeles and beyond. Chris says “I’m thinking we’ll open an office in New York in 2015. We’ll be providing our variety of tape conversion services in New York through that office. We’ll be preserving your memories there” with a smile.


Check out our Yelp page at http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills and feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-888-720-1120 (this is our toll free!)

vhs to usb service in Los Angeles


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