Transfer VHS to DVD

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Transfer VHS to DVD

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Transfer VHS to DVD


VHS Rescue is a company that offers a transfer VHS to DVD service. VHS to digital is also provided. VHS Rescue can export VHS to MP4, or VHS to MPG. VHS to USB hard drive is an option too. VHS Rescue has origins as a tape conversion business. “When we transfer VHS to DVD, we convert tapes to DVD like they are our own” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue and continues “We offer personal VHS to DVD conversion that big chains do not. Our competitors do not have a personal touch. You can tell us exactly how you want the VHS to digital transfer to work. You can even let us know if you want video editing services.”


VHS Rescue provides an affordable option to transfer VHS to DVD. VHS Rescue has quick turn around rates. “We offer the best tape conversion service in Los Angeles there is” says Chris and continues “because everything is so personal and the work is so detailed. I am highly detail oriented. Tape to DVD transfer is a passion.”


VHS Rescue offers tape transfer services for all major consumer formats. VHS-C to DVD is covered by VHS Rescue. MiniDV to DVD transfer services are provided. 8MM camcorder tape to digital is also offered. “We are a tape transfer company that has all the bases covered. We even do cassette to mp3” says Chris.

If you want to transfer VHS to DVD in Los Angeles, VHS Rescue is the best choice. Personal service, affordable prices, and quick turn around make VHS Rescue stand out. “We have an office in the San Fernando Valley. The office is in Woodland Hills” Chris states.

When you are ready to transfer VHS to DVD, call Chris personally. The phone number for all of your tape conversion needs is 818-835-5337.

You can find VHS Rescue on Facebook here.


Transfer VHS to DVD


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