S-VHS to DVD Conversions

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S-VHS to DVD Conversions

S-VHS to DVD Conversion


VHS Rescue is a provider of S-VHS to DVD transfers in Los Angeles. VHS Rescue started off with just VHS to DVD conversion in Los Angeles, but grew to offer S-VHS. S-VHS conversion is done the same way as VHS conversion, but with a different machine. VHS Rescue cleans the heads of the S-VHS player frequently.


The difference between VHS and S-VHS is the quality of the video. S-VHS offers a higher quality picture and sound. S-VHS stands for “Super VHS”, and rightfully so. S-VHS offers higher bandwidth and gives a 60% higher picture quality. S-VHS to DVD uses 420 horizontal lines of resolution, which is higher than VHS. VHS uses 240 lines of horizontal resolution. NTSC TV broadcast uses 330 lines of horizontal resolution. S-VHS players are able to play regular VHS tapes.


It is important to start your S-VHS to DVD conversion in Los Angeles because of deterioration. S-VHS is a magnetic tape format, that deteriorates like VHS. The name “Super VHS” does not mean that S-VHS is above deterioration. S-VHS conversion can also result in a file. S-VHS to file conversion means that you can edit the video. You can edit the video we give you on any computer with a video editor.


S-VHS conversions in Los Angeles are done in a private facility where your videos are safe from the public eye. Conversions are done by the owner of VHS Rescue who respects your privacy and keeps your home movie to DVD conversion private. S-VHS to DVD conversions in Los Angeles are an efficient process. Although VHS Rescue provides PAL VHS to DVD conversions, PAL S-VHS to VD is excluded from the list of our services. At the time of this writing, VHS Rescue does not have a PAL S-VHS player.


S-VHS to DVD transfers are done for a reasonable price. VHS Rescue charges $10 per tape up to 19 tapes. 20 tapes or more is $9 per tape. 40 or more tapes is $8 per tape. Contact VHS Rescue at 818-835-5337 to start your S-VHS to DVD transfer in Los Angeles immediately!


S-VHS to DVD in Los Angeles




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