VHS to DVD Service

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VHS to DVD Service

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VHS to DVD Service


VHS to DVD service is offered by VHS Rescue. VHS conversions are the root and foundation of VHS Rescue, the tape transfer business. It is important to transfer VHS to DVD because the VHS tape deteriorates and loses quality. VHS deterioration is a common problem among home movie transfer jobs.


“The quality when we convert VHS to DVD is identical to what is on the tape. Half of the time, the VHS to DVD service doesn’t produce the best results. The video has lines through it and drops, which is a result of VHS to DVD transfer capturing the deterioration on the tape. VHS Rescue has a few tricks up their sleeve to improve VHS to DVD conversion quality, but sometimes it is not enough to fix the video and audio quality.


VHS to DVD service by VHS Rescue uses the highest quality options available. “We don’t cut corners when we convert tape to DVD. We want you to be happy” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue.
When you order VHS to DVD services from VHS Rescue, your tape transfer service takes place in a safe, secure and private setting. “Nobody sees your video but me, and correlating employees if necessary. We take pride in converting tape to digital with as few people seeing your property in between” states Chris.


“When we convert VHS to DVD, we make sure that the video is acceptable quality. If in the middle of a tape transfer service we notice the video is deteriorated, we contact you via phone and ask if you want to move forward with the VHS to DVD service for that particular tape.


VHS Rescue offers discounts for bulk orders of VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD and more. VHS Rescue is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California. Woodland Hills is in Los Angeles County, and pays necessary sales taxes on tape to DVD transfers. “We provide specialty transfers such as cassette to CD, cassette to MP3, Betamax¬†transfers, and more. We have your entire home movie to DVD transfer service covered in one spot” finishes Chris

Please check out the VHS Rescue tape conversion services Yelp page here for reviews.

VHS to DVD Service

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