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VHS to DVD transfer service by VHS Rescue is affordable. To convert VHS to digital for $10 per tape is the best price in town. Each VHS to USB transfer can take up to 6 hours; VHS to DVD conversions can take even longer at 9 hours! It is important to convert the home movie VHS to DVD because tapes deteriorate and the home videos can be lost forever if you put off converting VHS to DVD for too long. VHS to DVD is our most popular service, as it says in our name. To preserve home videos to DVD is an ideal gift idea to the family which will be passed on as an heirloom. For best results, VHS Rescue suggests converting VHS to file and DVD. The files can be stored on a USB drive and the files can be duplicated onto multiple USB drives to preserve the home videos in different locations. VHS Rescue does an amazing job. Order VHS conversion services today! VHS Rescue tape transfers result in high quality videos. You can read about our VHS to DVD process here. You can read about our VHS to DVD services here.


*Conversions come with: 5mm jewel case and regular printed label **The customer is responsible for mailing in the flash drive or hard drive if needed.

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