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VHS Rescue works to preserve your memories by offering¬†betamax conversions services. Whether you need Betamax to DVD, or Betamax to USB, VHS Rescue the tape conversion experts has the equipment and knowledge. We provide affordable prices for home movie transfers and can bring the home videos from generations ago back to life with the proper disk transfer methods. VHS Rescue’s owner Chris says “Tape to DVD transfers services are a labor of love for myself and employees. When we convert Betamax to DVD it is special because the Betamax tape is a format that lost out to VHS. Every Betamax tape we get is cherished for the value it brings to your family home movie collection, preserves your memories and the antiquity.”


*Conversions come with: 5mm jewel case and regular printed label
**The customer is responsible for mailing in the flash drive or hard drive if needed

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
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DVD, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, BluRay, Cloud (VHS Rescue Studio)


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