MiniDV to DVD Conversion Service

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MiniDV to DVD Conversion Service

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MiniDV to DVD Conversion Service

VHS Rescue provides high quality MiniDV to DVD conversion services in Los Angeles. We take pride in the professional equipment we use to convert MiniDV to digital file, and then to DVD!  VHS Rescue’s owner Chris takes care of all the tapes that come in as if they are his own.  VHS Rescue can convert MiniDV to USB also. We convert MinIDV to MP4.


Our file format for MiniDV to USB transfers is MP4, 640 x 480, encoded with H.264. If you don’t understand what that means, your home movie to USB transfer comes out exactly how the video and audio is on the tape. We also transfer home movie to DVD for the same price.


Our MiniDV to DVD conversion service in Los Angeles is highly reputable. If you look at our Yelp ( page you can see at the time of this posting, we have 16 reviews and all of them are five stars. This means people are very happy with our home movie to DVD conversion in Los Angeles. Home movie to USB conversion is also available.


Chris is the owner of VHS Rescue, and he has done tape to DVD conversion thousands of times. “MiniDV to DVD conversion is fun because the tape is so small” he says. We convert thousands of home movies to DVD a month. Home movie to USB conversion is also the same price.
With the headquarters based in Los Angeles, it is easy to ship to from anywhere in the country like New York. Chris says “I suggest shipping MiniDV to DVD conversion orders via USPS for our tape conversion services.”

Our Yelp page says it all. Located in Woodland Hills, we have many clients review us on Yelp, some even from Denver, Colorado! Alden S. from Denver Colorado writes “This guy does amazing work! Sent him 40 tapes from my childhood and the tapes all came back beautifully. Very highly recommended!!!”


We are based in Los Angeles, but offer our MinIDV to DVD conversion service to anyone in the country. New York City is the only city larger than LA, which is why we love to get tape to DVD orders from NYC! Our shipping address is “ATTN: VHS Rescue 21900 Burbank Blvd #300, Los Angeles, CA 91367”


MiniDV to DVD conversion Service

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