Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

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Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

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Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

VHS Rescue provides high quality home movie to DVD transfers in Los Angeles. VHS Rescue can convert a variety of formats of tapes. Our conversion services are highly rated on Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills) . We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction because we know happy customers are good for our business. VHS Rescue can convert VHS to DVD, MinIDV to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, Digital8 to DVD, Video8 to DVD and USB, and plenty of other archival media formats!


VHS Rescue is based in Woodand Hills, a city neighboring West Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, and Calabasas. We provide local pick-up and delivery to these surrounding cities for entire collections of home movies. VHS Rescue can even convert cassette to CD and MP3! When you have a large collection of home movies you want to convert to DVD from tape, you want to convert them to DVD immediately because tape deterioration can ruin your collection of home movies. Home movie to DVD transfer services are important for all formats of tape.


Whether it is your wedding tape to DVD you want us to transfer, or videos of the kids on tape to USB, VHS Rescue can provide the transfer. Our tape to USB file transfer services produce high quality MP4 video format files. Our MP4 files are 640 x 480 (this is the original size of the video on the tape). Our videos are also encoded in H.264.


We complete the home movie to USB transfer pretty quickly. Our minimum rate of conversion for any single or is three tapes a day. We usually convert at least 7 tapes a day per order in que. VHS Rescue provides rush services for home movie to DVD transfer services. When you need to convert your home movies to DVD or USB, VHS Rescue is the most affordable choice in Los Angeles!

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