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VHS to DVD Conversion in Woodland Hills

Testimonial for VHS to DVD conversion service in Woodland Hills

VHS Rescue offers VHS to DVD conversion in Woodland Hills. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients. We are highly reputable on Yelp. VHS Rescue directly serves the Greater Los Angeles area for their VHS to DVD conversion needs.

Even if you are not in Los Angeles, say for instance in Denver Colorado, or New York City, we have found that USPS offers a safe method for shipping your tapes for conversion. We provide tape to usb transfer services too.

Call us today at 1-888-720-1120 for consultation on your tape transfer order!

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Convert VHS to DVD

Converting VHS to DVD is an important race against the clock. VHS Rescue is there to provide you with a fast, safe conversion for your treasured memories. The conversion of delicate VHS to DVD is a big step in the security of your past times.


It is important to convert your VHS to DVD now. VHS tapes are clunky, often taking up a large portion of your valuable home storage space. A DVD, which can be filled with more content than a standard VHS, takes up only 9% of the physical space a VHS takes up in your house. The storage saved from converting your VHS to DVD can be exponential when converting a whole lifetime of memories. In addition to saving more physical space a DVD can hold a greater amount of digital content.


When deciding to convert your VHS to DVD it is important to remember the reliability of the equipment used to play them. VHS players are a medium of entertainment from the past with players and parts being harder and harder to find. VHS players often require physical movement internally in order to function. They also require the physical movement to read the analog magnetic tape. After converting your VHS to DVD you will no longer need to have a large, outdated machine collecting dust in your house. This again helps with storage issues in your house. DVD players are here to stay. Almost every computer, video game system, and home entertainment center will have the ability to playback your most important life memories. DVD player are also quite a bit more reliable as they generally only require at most one moving part to spin the DVD.


It is not just the players that are delicate to damage the VHS are quite susceptible as well. As time goes on VHS magnetic tape can degrade. This causes reduced picture quality and ultimately the inability to relive your most precious moments. DVD’s are a very safe medium which are less susceptible to age, water damage, and quality reduction. What this means is that you need to convert your VHS to DVD as soon as possible. But then again why stop there find those old 8mm films and convert your 8mm to DVD. Contact Chris at VHS Rescue to save your memories.


Find VHS Rescue on Yelp here. VHS Rescue offers 8mm to DVD too. Buy VHS to DVD services here.

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Transfer VHS to DVD

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Transfer VHS to DVD


VHS Rescue is a company that offers a transfer VHS to DVD service. VHS to digital is also provided. VHS Rescue can export VHS to MP4, or VHS to MPG. VHS to USB hard drive is an option too. VHS Rescue has origins as a tape conversion business. “When we transfer VHS to DVD, we convert tapes to DVD like they are our own” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue and continues “We offer personal VHS to DVD conversion that big chains do not. Our competitors do not have a personal touch. You can tell us exactly how you want the VHS to digital transfer to work. You can even let us know if you want video editing services.”


VHS Rescue provides an affordable option to transfer VHS to DVD. VHS Rescue has quick turn around rates. “We offer the best tape conversion service in Los Angeles there is” says Chris and continues “because everything is so personal and the work is so detailed. I am highly detail oriented. Tape to DVD transfer is a passion.”


VHS Rescue offers tape transfer services for all major consumer formats. VHS-C to DVD is covered by VHS Rescue. MiniDV to DVD transfer services are provided. 8MM camcorder tape to digital is also offered. “We are a tape transfer company that has all the bases covered. We even do cassette to mp3” says Chris.

If you want to transfer VHS to DVD in Los Angeles, VHS Rescue is the best choice. Personal service, affordable prices, and quick turn around make VHS Rescue stand out. “We have an office in the San Fernando Valley. The office is in Woodland Hills” Chris states.

When you are ready to transfer VHS to DVD, call Chris personally. The phone number for all of your tape conversion needs is 818-835-5337.

You can find VHS Rescue on Facebook here.


Transfer VHS to DVD


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VHS Conversion by Pros

VHS Conversion by Professionals


“VHS Conversion is fun!” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue. “I started my tape conversion adventure when I had to convert home movies. From there, I learned much, much more about the industry. Now you can purchase VHS Conversion from a professional through VHS Rescue!” exclaims Chris.


VHS Rescue is a business where customer service comes first. “Our entire goal is to make you happy with your VHS conversion” says Chris the owner of the business and then continues “VHS Rescue uses the same methods for clients as I used for myself when undergoing tape conversion. VHS Rescue is here for the masses and provides an affordable VHS Conversion option.”


VHS Rescue converts home movies to DVD. “We convert camcorder tape to DVD, of course. That is a huge part of this tape transfer service. Over 90% of the tapes converted were recorded with a consumer camcorder.” VHS Rescue is an affordable solution for VHS conversion. VHS to DVD is offered, and so is VHS to digital. We can also convert VHS to cloud.


VHS Rescue is set up to provide a great tape conversion service. VHS Rescue knows tape conversion inside and out. “We have the experience of thousands of tape conversions” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue.


When your VHS tapes need conversion, call VHS Rescue. “VHS conversion is in our name” says Chris the owner of the business. We transfer all big consumer tape formats. VHS Rescue is not an exclusive VHS conversion service. “We also offer MinIDV to DVD” says Chris and continues “MiniDV is a tape smaller than an average palm. it says DVM60 or DVM80 on it. It was a popular camcorder format when the end of the tape era was looming.”


VHS conversion by a professional is advantageous because it clears you of a headache. Tape conversion is a long and detail oriented process. Special equipment is needed to convert tape to DVD. It is often easiest to hire a professional for VHS conversion.


VHS Conversion for home videos

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VHS to DVD Service

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VHS to DVD Service


VHS to DVD service is offered by VHS Rescue. VHS conversions are the root and foundation of VHS Rescue, the tape transfer business. It is important to transfer VHS to DVD because the VHS tape deteriorates and loses quality. VHS deterioration is a common problem among home movie transfer jobs.


“The quality when we convert VHS to DVD is identical to what is on the tape. Half of the time, the VHS to DVD service doesn’t produce the best results. The video has lines through it and drops, which is a result of VHS to DVD transfer capturing the deterioration on the tape. VHS Rescue has a few tricks up their sleeve to improve VHS to DVD conversion quality, but sometimes it is not enough to fix the video and audio quality.


VHS to DVD service by VHS Rescue uses the highest quality options available. “We don’t cut corners when we convert tape to DVD. We want you to be happy” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue.
When you order VHS to DVD services from VHS Rescue, your tape transfer service takes place in a safe, secure and private setting. “Nobody sees your video but me, and correlating employees if necessary. We take pride in converting tape to digital with as few people seeing your property in between” states Chris.


“When we convert VHS to DVD, we make sure that the video is acceptable quality. If in the middle of a tape transfer service we notice the video is deteriorated, we contact you via phone and ask if you want to move forward with the VHS to DVD service for that particular tape.


VHS Rescue offers discounts for bulk orders of VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD and more. VHS Rescue is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California. Woodland Hills is in Los Angeles County, and pays necessary sales taxes on tape to DVD transfers. “We provide specialty transfers such as cassette to CD, cassette to MP3, Betamax transfers, and more. We have your entire home movie to DVD transfer service covered in one spot” finishes Chris

Please check out the VHS Rescue tape conversion services Yelp page here for reviews.

VHS to DVD Service

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