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VHS to DVD Conversion in Woodland Hills

Testimonial for VHS to DVD conversion service in Woodland Hills

VHS Rescue offers VHS to DVD conversion in Woodland Hills. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients. We are highly reputable on Yelp. VHS Rescue directly serves the Greater Los Angeles area for their VHS to DVD conversion needs.

Even if you are not in Los Angeles, say for instance in Denver Colorado, or New York City, we have found that USPS offers a safe method for shipping your tapes for conversion. We provide tape to usb transfer services too.

Call us today at 1-888-720-1120 for consultation on your tape transfer order!

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Convert VHS to Digital

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Convert VHS to Digital


VHS Rescue provides the option to convert VHS to digital through their professional tape conversion service. The benefits of VHS to digital are numerous. VHS to digital is also affordable and quick. VHS Rescue provides reliable services for tape to dvd transfer.


To convert VHS to digital, you can supply a hard drive for VHS to USB, or VHS to data disc. VHS to USB removes the sales tax charge saving you 9%. VHS to data disc results in DVDs that work like USB drives. VHS to digital can save you room in your family home movie archives. When you want to convert home movies to digital, VHS Rescue offers two formats. MPG and MP4 are high quality video formats suitable for your home video to digital transfer. VHS to digital results in 640 x 480 video. Converting home movies to digital also preserves your memories for a longer period of time. Tape deterioration is a scandal that occurs in many home movie collections.


VHS Rescue owner Chris, works around the clock to ensure all VHS to digital and tape transfers are carried out properly. VHS Rescue works efficiently to convert VHS to DVD and more. “When you want to convert home movies to digital, or DVD, VHS Rescue provides an affordable price and high quality service” says Chris and continues “The tape conversion businesses in the Los Angeles area charged too much, so I learned how to convert tape to dvd and VHS to digital, and started my own business.”


VHS Rescue guarantees privacy of home movie transfers to dvd and digital. “When you convert VHS to digital with VHS Rescue, the minimum amount of eyes view your home movies” says Chris. The tape to digital and VHS to DVD process are similar, except with VHS to digital you get the file instead of a video DVD. Convert VHS to digital before tape deterioration takes place” advises Chris.


Find VHS Rescue on Yelp here. VHS Rescue offers VHS to DVD too.


convert VHS to digital

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VHS to Digital

VHS to Digital


Beside offering VHS to DVD services, VHS Rescue offers high quality VHS to digital transfer services. High quality tape transfer service involves responsiveness in communication, efficiency and speedy turn around, and high quality video and audio in tape to DVD transfers.

When converting VHS to digital with VHS Rescue, there is a few options. You can convert VHS to MP4, or VHS to MPG. The quality for the two files is similar, but the size is different. MP4 uses a more advanced compression technique. The compression technique is H.264 which gives a file size 1/4th of VHS to MPG. VHS to AVI is not offered. One hour of VHS to MP4 is around 1GB of data. One hour of VHS to MPG is about 4.5GB of data.


VHS to digital file can be put on an external USB hard drive provided. When you provide an external USB hard drive, sales tax does not need to be charged, and you save 9% total! VHS Rescue can copy VHS to data DVD. A data DVD works the same as a USB drive. When you put the DVD in the computer’s disc drive, the computer reads it like a USB. From there, you can copy your VHS to digital file straight to your computer. Opposed to VHS to DVD, VHS to USB is a more convenient way to preserve your memories.


VHS to digital can be a great and efficient way to preserve your home videos to digital. Multiple copies of the files can exist and multiple locations. When transferring VHS to digital rather than VHS to DVD, you can save the space of having 60+ DVD cases. VHS to USB is efficient because all of your tapes can be on a pocket sized USB drive.

VHS Rescue’s owner Chris suggests “Copy the files to multiple hard drives and store the hard drives in different locations. This way, you will have multiple back ups of your VHS to digital in different locations. This can protect the home movies and ensure longevitiy for your tape transfer service.”


VHS to digital or VHS to hard drive




Chris suggests a Toshiba hard drive for tape to digital transfers. The model can be purchased on amazon here.

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