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Hi8 to DVD Transfer Business in Los Angeles

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At VHS Rescue we offer the best tape to dvd services and deals all around L.A which include VHS to DVD. We offer conversions for Hi8 to dvd. Save your memories and money. Don’t get stressed about losing years of home movies. VHS Rescue specializes in converting Hi8 to DVD. We are the best tape to dvd transfer facility in Los Angeles.

Our Yelp reviews ( guarantee our quality work. Our prices are amazing. VHS Rescue offers affordable rates for home movie transfer services in Los Angeles. Drop off your home movie tapes in our office and the Hi8 to DVD transfer service will done in no time. We use quality DVDs, cases and video tape transfer equipment which will make it worth your time. Our tape to DVD business is located on Topanga and Burbank.  Convenient access from the 101. Easy access for all Woodland Hills, Tarzana, and West Hills residents.


VHS Rescue does conversions for MiniDV to DVD too. Previous customers love our tape conversion services.  We offer VHS to USB so there is more reason to love VHS Rescue. We give special deals on orders of more than 100 tapes to UBS or DVD.  The staff at our office is friendly and welcoming. Our staff has the experience of converting thousands of tapes. Chris started VHS Rescue over two years ago which started off as a small business and now VHS Rescue is booming. Chris has customers coming back to him for one reason. He is amazing at what he does. He’s the best in Los Angeles. You cannot find better prices for Hi8 to DVD or MiniDV to DVD than at VHS Rescue. We convert tapes to DVD quickly and efficiently.

Save your childhood memories for future generations to watch on the TV, computer or iPhone. Have all of your home movies transferred onto DVD. Converting your tapes to digital makes it easy for future enjoyment. VHS Rescue wants to help you save time and money. Our prices are amazing. Couple prices with outstanding video and audio quality, our services are the best in Los Angeles. People drive from all around Los Angeles including Burbank, Pasadena, Culver City and more for our high quality work.


Hi8 to DVD transfer in Los Angel

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Convert VHS to DVD

Converting VHS to DVD is an important race against the clock. VHS Rescue is there to provide you with a fast, safe conversion for your treasured memories. The conversion of delicate VHS to DVD is a big step in the security of your past times.


It is important to convert your VHS to DVD now. VHS tapes are clunky, often taking up a large portion of your valuable home storage space. A DVD, which can be filled with more content than a standard VHS, takes up only 9% of the physical space a VHS takes up in your house. The storage saved from converting your VHS to DVD can be exponential when converting a whole lifetime of memories. In addition to saving more physical space a DVD can hold a greater amount of digital content.


When deciding to convert your VHS to DVD it is important to remember the reliability of the equipment used to play them. VHS players are a medium of entertainment from the past with players and parts being harder and harder to find. VHS players often require physical movement internally in order to function. They also require the physical movement to read the analog magnetic tape. After converting your VHS to DVD you will no longer need to have a large, outdated machine collecting dust in your house. This again helps with storage issues in your house. DVD players are here to stay. Almost every computer, video game system, and home entertainment center will have the ability to playback your most important life memories. DVD player are also quite a bit more reliable as they generally only require at most one moving part to spin the DVD.


It is not just the players that are delicate to damage the VHS are quite susceptible as well. As time goes on VHS magnetic tape can degrade. This causes reduced picture quality and ultimately the inability to relive your most precious moments. DVD’s are a very safe medium which are less susceptible to age, water damage, and quality reduction. What this means is that you need to convert your VHS to DVD as soon as possible. But then again why stop there find those old 8mm films and convert your 8mm to DVD. Contact Chris at VHS Rescue to save your memories.


Find VHS Rescue on Yelp here. VHS Rescue offers 8mm to DVD too. Buy VHS to DVD services here.

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8mm Tape to DVD Conversion

8MM Tape to DVD Conversion


8MM tape to DVD conversion services by VHS Rescue are highly reliable and affordable. VHS Rescue provides quality tape transfer services for all who need it. VHS Rescue focuses on home movies mainly. Tape conversion by VHS Rescue is a highly efficient process with a guarantee of satisfaction. VHS to DVD services are also offered.


8MM tape was primarily used in camcorders from the late 80s to the mid 2000s. All of the 8mm tapes have a timeline for deterioration. The tapes will lose quality unless the video and audio content is converted to DVD. 8mm tape to DVD conversion is necessary for the preservation of all home movies.


When we capture home movies on 8mm tape, the intent is to keep them for future generations to see. The reality is, that this is not what tapes were made for. For future generations to be able to see the video content of your camcorder tapes, 8mm tape to dvd conversion services needs to be purchased.


VHS Rescue uses high quality equipment to guarantee the best tape to dvd transfer happens. VHS Rescue uses high quality DVDs to convert tape to DVD which ensures that your home movie is preserved for the longest period of time.


VHS Rescue brings the price for 8mm tape to dvd conversion down to an affordable and reasonable price. Competitors often charge close to or more than double the price for tape transfer. VHS Rescue takes no mercy on competitiors, by providing better quality service for a more competitive price.


If the question “How to convert 8mm tape to DVD?” every crosses your mind, you can call Chris, the owner of VHS Rescue at 818-835-5337 and he will answer all of your tape transfer questions.


VHS Rescue is a highly respected business in the Greater Los Angeles area. Please read our Yelp reviews on the page here.


8mm tape to dvd conversion service

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8MM Home Movies to DVD

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Converting 8MM Home Movies to DVD


VHS Rescue transfers 8mm home movies to DVD. Beside being known as the best VHS to DVD conversions service available, VHS Rescue converts camcorder tapes to DVD. 8mm home movies include Hi8, Digital8, and Video8. When you feel like the time is ready to transfer home videos to dvd, call VHS Rescue.


VHS Rescue ensures the safety of all home videos. “I understand that you send us priceless tapes through the mail, and it is my responsibility to take care of them” says Chris, the owner of VHS Rescue. 8MM home movies to DVD is a service that should only be done by a trusted and established home move conversion service. “We make sure that every tape to dvd conversion contains the entire video” says Chris.


“8MM home movie to DVD is one of my favorite home movie transfers to perform because it reminds of when I had a camcorder. Transferring home movie tapes is nostalgic” says Chris. VHS Rescue is a privately owned tape conversion service. Chris is the sole owner, and his best interest is in keeping your home movies safe. “We want your 8MM home movies to dvd transfer to go smoothly” says Chris and adds “we want all of your tape to dvd conversions to go smoothly!”


Chris has been in the 8mm home movies to DVD business since May 1st 2013. “Our very first tape to DVD conversion order was more than 40 Hi8 tapes. At the time we did not have a Hi8 player, so we borrowed one. Since than, we have grown as a tape conversion service and have professional equipment” says Chris.


“I want all your home movies conversion needs to be completed in a timely manner. A single 8MM home movies to DVD transfer can take up to 4 hours. We do our best to operate as efficiently as possible by organizing multiple computers for your tape to DVD conversion needs. Please check out our Yelp page here, where you can see raving reviews about our VHS to DVD services and more!” says Chris.


8mm home movies to dvd

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8MM to DVD Conversion

Convert 8MM to DVD


VHS Rescue converts 8MM to DVD. They are famous for their VHS to DVD conversion. We aren’t limited to VHS to DVD transfer though. VHS Rescue provides many different tape transfer services. 8MM to DVD is a variation of tape conversion that VHS Rescue offers.


8MM tapes are thin and are comparable to the size of an iPhone. VHS Rescue specializes in 8MM tape transfer to DVD because of their equipment. 8MM tape has a variety of different formats. Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 are all recorded on 8MM tape. This is confusing for a novice tape transfer company. VHS Rescue mastered the 8MM tape to DVD transfer process when they started.


The equipment used by VHS Rescue to convert 8MM to DVD is from a highly influential source in the industry. The playback machines VHS Rescue uses to transfer 8MM tape to DVD can play all the formats; Hi8, Video8, and Digital8. VHS Rescue saves time on your 8MM to DVD transfer using the specialized piece of equipment. “We don’t cut corners. We go all out and spend what we need to spend in order to be a top notch company” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue the tape conversion business.


8MM tapes are common in households. The camcorders for recording on 8MM tape have been popular over two decades! Many home movies were recorded on 8MM tape in one format or the other. Chris advises to convert home movies to DVD recorded on 8MM tape immediately.


“If you do not get 8mm to DVD transfers done ASAP, the deterioration risk increases. I’ve seen orders where the tape is heavily deteriorated and the home movie is lost. 8MM tape to DVD conversion is important so you can preserve the memories” says Chris. “I converted a collection of 8MM tape to DVD for my family when I started. I learned the process and use the same technique but with professional equipment for your order. If you need VHS to DVD, we can do that too” finishes Chris.


Check out the VHS Rescue tape to DVD Yelp here. Buy 8mm to DVD transfer services here.


8mm to DVD

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