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VHS to DVD Conversion in Woodland Hills

Testimonial for VHS to DVD conversion service in Woodland Hills

VHS Rescue offers VHS to DVD conversion in Woodland Hills. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients. We are highly reputable on Yelp. VHS Rescue directly serves the Greater Los Angeles area for their VHS to DVD conversion needs.

Even if you are not in Los Angeles, say for instance in Denver Colorado, or New York City, we have found that USPS offers a safe method for shipping your tapes for conversion. We provide tape to usb transfer services too.

Call us today at 1-888-720-1120 for consultation on your tape transfer order!

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Convert VHS to DVD

Converting VHS to DVD is an important race against the clock. VHS Rescue is there to provide you with a fast, safe conversion for your treasured memories. The conversion of delicate VHS to DVD is a big step in the security of your past times.


It is important to convert your VHS to DVD now. VHS tapes are clunky, often taking up a large portion of your valuable home storage space. A DVD, which can be filled with more content than a standard VHS, takes up only 9% of the physical space a VHS takes up in your house. The storage saved from converting your VHS to DVD can be exponential when converting a whole lifetime of memories. In addition to saving more physical space a DVD can hold a greater amount of digital content.


When deciding to convert your VHS to DVD it is important to remember the reliability of the equipment used to play them. VHS players are a medium of entertainment from the past with players and parts being harder and harder to find. VHS players often require physical movement internally in order to function. They also require the physical movement to read the analog magnetic tape. After converting your VHS to DVD you will no longer need to have a large, outdated machine collecting dust in your house. This again helps with storage issues in your house. DVD players are here to stay. Almost every computer, video game system, and home entertainment center will have the ability to playback your most important life memories. DVD player are also quite a bit more reliable as they generally only require at most one moving part to spin the DVD.


It is not just the players that are delicate to damage the VHS are quite susceptible as well. As time goes on VHS magnetic tape can degrade. This causes reduced picture quality and ultimately the inability to relive your most precious moments. DVD’s are a very safe medium which are less susceptible to age, water damage, and quality reduction. What this means is that you need to convert your VHS to DVD as soon as possible. But then again why stop there find those old 8mm films and convert your 8mm to DVD. Contact Chris at VHS Rescue to save your memories.


Find VHS Rescue on Yelp here. VHS Rescue offers 8mm to DVD too. Buy VHS to DVD services here.

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VHS to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

Competitive VHS to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles


VHS Rescue provides premium VHS to DVD transfer in Los Angeles. The company is based in Woodland Hills. Woodland Hills is in the San Fernando Valley. VHS Rescue acknowledged the need for an inexpensive video transfer service in Los Angeles. The founder of VHS Rescue assures you that VHS Rescue met this need.


VHS Rescue provides cost effective VHS to DVD transfer in Los Angeles for all the residents in Los Angeles. VHS Rescue uses professional grade equipment and proven methods to convert tape to dvd in Los Angeles. VHS Rescue HQ is in Los Angeles because of the high population. The owner of the business focuses his efforts on VHS to DVD transfer in Los Angeles. “I like to keep adding up the total hours of tape we have converted” says Chris.


VHS to DVD is not a matter to be taken lightly. “When you want to transfer home movies to DVD you need to give it to someone who cares” Chris says, further adding “VHS to DVD should only be done with good attitude toward the clients possessions.”


Chris wants you to trust VHS Rescue for your VHS to DVD needs. “As a fact, VHS Rescue transfers all consumer formats of tape to DVD” states Chris. “I am often in the situation where the client loves how good of a job we did in their tape to DVD needs. I’d like prospective clients to come to love us” finishes Chris.


When there is competition in an industry, price drops. That is not the case with VHS to DVD in Los Angeles. Some of our competitors will charge more then $40 to transfer two hours of VHS to DVD. The least expensive solution is Costco, but it can take weeks for them to finish do your transfer VHS to DVD job. Costco can also charge twice as much as VHS Rescue. When you need your job of VHS to DVD transfer in Los Angeles done quickly and for a fair price, call the owner. Call 818-835-5337 anytime and you can speak to Chris directly.


vhs to dvd transfer in Los Angeles

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VHS to DVD Los Angeles

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VHS to DVD Los Angeles


VHS to DVD Los Angeles gives you a lot of options. The competition in the tape conversion service market is high in LA. VHS Rescue wants you to bring your tapes to them. VHS Rescue is ready to answer your question. The owner of the business answers the phone, so when you call, the person at the top is helping. Chris, the owner, knows the answer to all of your questions. He will provide great customer service for your VHS to DVD Los Angeles needs


Chris started converting his own home movies to DVD. He wanted to do them right, so he mastered the skill of VHS to DVD in Los Angeles for his own needs. Now, you can use Chris’ expertise in tape transfer to DVD to fulfill your home movie to DVD project. VHS to DVD in Los Angeles has been the fate of Chris all his life. Chris grew up in LA being filmed on VHS, Hi8, and MiniDV tapes.


Chris uses the proper equipment to transfer tapes to DVD in Los Angeles. The Sony DSR-1600 is pictured below. This device is used to convert Mini-DV to DVD in Los Angeles. The Betamax player is in its prime. Betamax to DVD is done successfully with the help of refurbishing the betamax player often.


VHS Rescue provides outstanding customer service for your Los Angeles VHS to DVD needs. Chris wants to do tape conversion correctly. That means correcting what is not right. If you find an issue in your VHS to DVD Los Angeles order, call us. Chris can be reached at 818-835-5337. Chris will make sure that you are happy.


When performing VHS to DVD in Los Angeles, Chris uses high quality equipment. Chris says “When we convert tapes to DVD, you are not being sold short. The best cables are used to transfer tapes to DVD at VHS Rescue. We have top of the line equipment.”


vhs to dvd los angelesDigital8 Tape Transfer To DVD and Digital

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VHS to DVD Advice

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VHS to DVD in your home is a straight forward, two step process.

You need a VCR, a computer with a USB port,  a DVD burner, and a commercial VHS to DVD program like Roxio or Elgato.

Before we can get started, plug in the VCR, and plug in the RCA cables into the VCR. Next, install the software that came with your commercial tape to DVD software. This software will usually come on a disc. After the software finally installs, plug the USB device that came with your tape to DVD product, and get ready to transfer your VHS to DVD!

Once the USB device is plugged in, plug the other end of the RCA cables into the USB device. Now you have your VCR hooked into your computer with a USB port. Start the software that came with your tape to DVD program. Once you start the software, it will be fairly explanatory. Now you first need to press record on the software, and in a few seconds, press play on your VCR. The reason you press record on the computer first, is that the computer lags a few seconds from when you push record, to when it starts recording.

 Once you have the software recording your VHS to DVD, let the VHS tape play through completely. When the VHS tape fully plays, press done on the software, you now you can burn the VHS to DVD with a DVD burner that most computers have. You can also purchase an external USB DVD burner for around $40 If you have the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD software, it will have a built in DVD burning software. If you do not have the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, and are using something else, we suggest using Roxio Toast Titanium to burn your file to DVD if you are on a Mac, iMovie if you are on a mac, or Windows Movie Maker if you are on a Windows computer.   This article on VHS to DVD was written by Chris Babayans, the CEO of VHS Rescue. An image of a VHS tape is provided below as an example for your conversion.

“Personally, I prefer to use the Elgato program. This is because tapes often have blank portions for a few moments or minutes and then continue to display video. The Elgato software continues to record during the blank parts, and therefore captures the video at the end of a blank part. The Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 stops recording tape at the blank, and therefore the digitizing process stops, while the tapes keeps spinning. Since the tape keeps spinning, it is difficult to determine where the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 stopped recording your home movie” says Chris Babayans the CEO of VHS Rescue.

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