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Hi8 to DVD or USB Home Movie Conversion Service

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Hi8 to DVD or USB Home Movie Conversion Serivce


VHS Rescue provides high quality Hi8 to DVD or USB home move conversions. When you are looking for a location in Los Angeles for your tape to DVD transfers, VHS Rescue is the best location to entrust with your home movie collection.


VHS Rescue has been in business dealing ONLY with tape to DVD or USB transfers for over two years. We provide excellent Hi8 to DVD conversions for an affordable rate. If you want your Hi8 to hard drive file, we can do that too.


Our customers send us Hi8 to USB orders from all around the country, including Denver, Miami, and New York City. We take pride in getting the home movie to DVD or USB transfer done properly the first time. Shipping a batch of tapes for transfer to DVD from New York City, Denver or Miami won’t be necessary with VHS Rescue’s high quality Hi8 to DVD or USB home move conversion service.


We work around the clock to process your Hi8 to digital transfer efficiently and properly. VHS Rescue is experienced with transferring tape to DVD or USB and knows how to resolve the issues that can come up. It is best to trust the home movie conversion with professionals. We also provide VHS to DVD services.

Clients have experienced satisfaction with our VHS to DVD services from coast to coast. Whether you are in New York City, or San Fransisco, VHS Rescue gives you the best VHS to DVD or USB conversion in the United States. Watching home movies on DVD or USB is a great experience no matter what time zone you are in.

Whether you are in San Fransisco, New York City, or in our hometown of Los Angeles, VHS Rescue provides excellent Hi8 to DVD or USB transfer services that are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. Look at our Los Angeles Yelp page here.


Hi8 to DVD or USB home movie conversion services

Home movie transfers for 8mm tapes onto DVD or USB at VHS Rescue

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Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

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Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

VHS Rescue provides high quality home movie to DVD transfers in Los Angeles. VHS Rescue can convert a variety of formats of tapes. Our conversion services are highly rated on Yelp ( . We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction because we know happy customers are good for our business. VHS Rescue can convert VHS to DVD, MinIDV to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, Digital8 to DVD, Video8 to DVD and USB, and plenty of other archival media formats!


VHS Rescue is based in Woodand Hills, a city neighboring West Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, and Calabasas. We provide local pick-up and delivery to these surrounding cities for entire collections of home movies. VHS Rescue can even convert cassette to CD and MP3! When you have a large collection of home movies you want to convert to DVD from tape, you want to convert them to DVD immediately because tape deterioration can ruin your collection of home movies. Home movie to DVD transfer services are important for all formats of tape.


Whether it is your wedding tape to DVD you want us to transfer, or videos of the kids on tape to USB, VHS Rescue can provide the transfer. Our tape to USB file transfer services produce high quality MP4 video format files. Our MP4 files are 640 x 480 (this is the original size of the video on the tape). Our videos are also encoded in H.264.


We complete the home movie to USB transfer pretty quickly. Our minimum rate of conversion for any single or is three tapes a day. We usually convert at least 7 tapes a day per order in que. VHS Rescue provides rush services for home movie to DVD transfer services. When you need to convert your home movies to DVD or USB, VHS Rescue is the most affordable choice in Los Angeles!

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Home Memories at Risk of Being Lost Forever

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The Time Urgency of Tape to DVD Transfer

VHS Rescue has a long history in the tape to DVD department. Starting with home movies, VHS Rescue has performed tape transfer to DVD for commercial productions, award winning authors and TV stars, production crews for TV shows, and for independent movies. With a long and thorough list of satisfied clients requesting every type of tape transfer, VHS Rescue is your safe haven for tape transfer.



VHS Rescue’s CEO, Chris Babayans, has written an article on tape deterioration you can find at the link —–> (Click here). To sum up the article, the content on the tapes is disappearing. The tapes might not be going anywhere, but the video and audio on the tape is literally deteriorating. Due to time, oxidation, and weather amongst other factors, home movies on tapes are deteriorating and the tape to DVD or digital process must be undertaken immediately.



With the article that Chris wrote in mind, take a look at the next article by The Guardian (Click here). The article makes it clear that mold can destroy entire tape collections. Miles of home video tape content have been lost due to mold caused by improper storage of tapes. Precious family memories have been lost due to time and improper storage of tapes which could have been avoided if the tape to DVD transfer service was purchased before hand.



The British Library Sound Archive has advice for properly storing and caring for tapes. “All stored tapes, audio, visual, and computer, should be kept in the dark away from heat sources and with no extreme temperature fluctuations.” VHS Rescue advises that these rules are followed if you are not converting your tapes today. To convert tapes to digital ASAP is an urgent matter. Mold can eat away the memories filmed by a significant other. An excessive amount of time in a delay to convert tapes to digital will likely result in the tape being rendered incapable of being saved. Chris suggests converting tape to DVD immediately, for the sake of your home movies.



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