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Cassette to Digital

Cassette to Digital

VHS Rescue offers cassette to digital conversions alongside their VHS to DVD services. Low, affordable price for tape transfer services are guaranteed. Professional work is done by Chris himself. Private, safe setting. Digitize cassettes that are sentimental. Drop your cassettes off at VHS Rescue. Located in the western region of the San Fernando Valley for tape transfer. Convenient location to the greater Los Angeles area. Located at Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Burbank Boulevard.

VHS Rescue offers cassette to digital conversions. Affordable, professional work done by Chris. Chris has his own office in Woodland Hills, California. Has been doing cassette to digital conversion for over a year now. Chris has a vast knowledge on cassette to digital conversions. Really enjoys his job. Started off by doing his families tapes. Now, Chris offers his professional skills to the public. So, bring your cassettes down to VHS Rescue for cassette to digital conversions. Save your favorite classical songs forever. Save valuable memories by converting your cassettes into cd’s. This will now last you and your family a lifetime of memories. Visit VHS Rescue on Yelp http://

VHS Rescue offers cassette to digital conversions. Low prices guaranteed. Professional work done by Chris himself. Chris works in a private setting and puts time into his work. Loves what he does, and offers professionalism at low prices. Chris puts passion and effort into his work. Visit VHS Rescue as above. Past customers have been very satisfied by Chris’ work. Chris converts cassettes to cd quickly. Chris always puts the customers first. Fast, professional work done by Chris. Customers drop cassettes at the VHS Rescue office. Chris will pick up the cassettes and convert them to cd’s in special cases. VHS Rescue can offer bulk rates when converting home movies to DVD in addition to cassette transfers.

Chris has been running VHS Rescue for over a year. Professional work at low prices. Visit the VHS Rescue Yelp page as given above. Convert your cassette to digital to save memories. Bring cassettes to VHS Rescue where we offer professional work and affordable prices. VHS Rescue can transfer Hi8 to DVD also.


cassette to digital conversion

cassette to digital conversion

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Cassette to MP3

Cassette to MP3 Conversion


Although VHS Rescue is famous for their video tape to DVD conversion service, VHS Rescue also provides cassette to MP3. “I started to convert cassette to digital when I had to convert some family tapes” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue.


We do all of our cassette to MP3 transfers using a 320kbps bitrate for export. To compare, the iTunes store uses a 256kbps bitrate. “With the higher bitrate, cassette to digital transfers come out in better quality. The cassette digitization process results in a higher sound quality then if it were just the MP3 alone. You get better sound when you convert cassette to MP3. Recording artists still record on cassette, and then convert MP3 or CD.”


Cassette to MP3 uses high quality cables and connectors. “We do not want to skimp on the sound of your cassette conversion. Being cheap doesn’t pay off. We spend the necessary prices for high quality equipment to make cassette tapes digital.


WIth VHS Rescue cassette tape conversion, we convert Side A and B of your cassette for the price of $10. “I want to provide the right solution for your tape conversion needs” says Chris, the owner of VHS Rescue. When VHS Rescue does cassette to MP3 conversion, the file size ends up around 120MB. Once VHS Rescue converts cassette to MP3, the MP3 can be burned to CD. This makes the process Cassette to CD. This is not how VHS Rescue converts cassettes to CD. Cassette to CD is done via Cassette to WAV conversion. WAV is a higher quality sound, and a different format of file.


“WAV is less compatible with technology. MP3 is perfect if you are looking to use the file on your phone, MP3 player, the computer’s music player, or even burn a CD. Sometimes WAV files require a downloaded plug in to play. These are the reasons why Cassette to WAV should be reserved for the group that has deeper knowledge about computers. Cassette to MP3 transfers are good for regular consumers” finishes Chris.


Check out the VHS Rescue Yelp page here, it shows that VHS Rescue is the top rate video tape transfer company in the San Fernando Valley as of writing!


cassette to MP3 conversion


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VHS-C to DVD Conversions


VHS Rescue provides VHS-C to DVD services along with VHS to DVD and many other video conversion services. VHS-C to digital file is also possible with the VHS Rescue tape transfer service. Cal VHS Rescue at 818-835-5337 for consultation by the owner, Chris.


VHS-C to DVD is performed using high quality cables and conversion equipment. Chris says “Use the best equipment to get the job done right!” and this philosophy applies throughout the business. VHS Rescue uses hand powered VHS-C to VHS adapters so your tape is safe. “The battery powered VHS-C adapters can break and trap your tape” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue.


VHS-C to file is also possible. “We can transfer your VHS-C tape to high quality files. MP4 format or MPG formats are possibilities to convert VHS-C tapes. VHS-C to video file requires a hard drive to put your files on. Essentially, it is VHS-C to USB drive.


VHS-C conversions are an efficient process, where there is someone converting tapes 18 hours a day.  VHS-C to DVD transfers can be dropped off at 21900 Burbank Blvd #300, Los Angeles, CA 91367. You can also ship your order there. Please address all shipments as “VHS Rescue 21900 Burbank Blvd #300, Los Angeles, CA 91367.”


Similar to VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD conversion is a smooth process. Once you bring the order to our office, you can fill out an order form and drop off your tapes. Once the order for VHS-C transfer is complete, Chris, the owner of the business will give you a call. Chris will inform you how the video conversion went and answer your questions. “We also provide VHS to DVD” says Chris.


VHS-C transfer to DVD is an affordable process. When Chris needed tape conversion for himself, he couldn’t find a reasonably priced venue. Chris learned how to convert tapes to DVD and digital, and started a business doing the transfers. “We convert your tapes like how I did my own” says Chris. “MiniDV to DVD is what I did for my own tapes” says Chris.


Check out the VHS Rescue Yelp here. Buy VHS-C to DVD transfers here.

vhs-c to dvd

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