Cassette to CD Transfer

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Cassette to CD Transfer

Cassette to CD Conversion

VHS Rescue is less known for cassette to CD then it is known for VHS to DVD. VHS Rescue serves professional and personal needs for cassette to mp3, or cassette to CD.


VHS Rescue has professional grade equipment and software to transfer your cassette to CD. VHS Rescue uses a Kenwood tape deck along with Audacity audio recording software. VHS Rescue performs all cassette to file transfers on site, and monitors the playback of the audio cassette.


VHS Rescue can directly transfer the cassette to CD. During the cassette transfer process, VHS Rescue can convert cassette to MP3, cassette to WAV, and nearly every other format. During cassette to MP3 or CD, both sides are transferred fully. VHS Rescue watches the wheel of the cassette player spin. VHS Rescue converts all audio to digital, and then cuts the end out. VHS Rescue wants to properly convert cassette to CD.


A cassette transfer to CD allows you to play the CD in your car, on your home stereo, or rip it. When you rip the CD, you will have the audio file on your computer. You can put the audio file onto your music player. VHS Rescue does not transfer copyright cassette to digital. Cassette to MP3 should only be done for personal reasons.


To transfer cassette to CD, call VHS Rescue. Their phone number is 818-835-5337. VHS Rescue also provides video tape to DVD. VHS Rescue converts VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, Hi8 to DVD and any other tape conversion service you could want.


VHS Rescue started as a tape transfer company when the owner needed to convert his own tapes. The owner had VHS, MiniDV, Digital8, and Cassette. The owner learned how, and started to transfer tapes for the whole neighborhood!


VHS Rescue is well reviewed on Yelp. Find our Yelp link here.


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