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Hi8 to DVD or USB Home Movie Conversion Service

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Hi8 to DVD or USB Home Movie Conversion Serivce


VHS Rescue provides high quality Hi8 to DVD or USB home move conversions. When you are looking for a location in Los Angeles for your tape to DVD transfers, VHS Rescue is the best location to entrust with your home movie collection.


VHS Rescue has been in business dealing ONLY with tape to DVD or USB transfers for over two years. We provide excellent Hi8 to DVD conversions for an affordable rate. If you want your Hi8 to hard drive file, we can do that too.


Our customers send us Hi8 to USB orders from all around the country, including Denver, Miami, and New York City. We take pride in getting the home movie to DVD or USB transfer done properly the first time. Shipping a batch of tapes for transfer to DVD from New York City, Denver or Miami won’t be necessary with VHS Rescue’s high quality Hi8 to DVD or USB home move conversion service.


We work around the clock to process your Hi8 to digital transfer efficiently and properly. VHS Rescue is experienced with transferring tape to DVD or USB and knows how to resolve the issues that can come up. It is best to trust the home movie conversion with professionals. We also provide VHS to DVD services.

Clients have experienced satisfaction with our VHS to DVD services from coast to coast. Whether you are in New York City, or San Fransisco, VHS Rescue gives you the best VHS to DVD or USB conversion in the United States. Watching home movies on DVD or USB is a great experience no matter what time zone you are in.

Whether you are in San Fransisco, New York City, or in our hometown of Los Angeles, VHS Rescue provides excellent Hi8 to DVD or USB transfer services that are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. Look at our Los Angeles Yelp page here.


Hi8 to DVD or USB home movie conversion services

Home movie transfers for 8mm tapes onto DVD or USB at VHS Rescue

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MiniDV to DVD Conversion Service

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MiniDV to DVD Conversion Service

VHS Rescue provides high quality MiniDV to DVD conversion services in Los Angeles. We take pride in the professional equipment we use to convert MiniDV to digital file, and then to DVD!  VHS Rescue’s owner Chris takes care of all the tapes that come in as if they are his own.  VHS Rescue can convert MiniDV to USB also. We convert MinIDV to MP4.


Our file format for MiniDV to USB transfers is MP4, 640 x 480, encoded with H.264. If you don’t understand what that means, your home movie to USB transfer comes out exactly how the video and audio is on the tape. We also transfer home movie to DVD for the same price.


Our MiniDV to DVD conversion service in Los Angeles is highly reputable. If you look at our Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills) page you can see at the time of this posting, we have 16 reviews and all of them are five stars. This means people are very happy with our home movie to DVD conversion in Los Angeles. Home movie to USB conversion is also available.


Chris is the owner of VHS Rescue, and he has done tape to DVD conversion thousands of times. “MiniDV to DVD conversion is fun because the tape is so small” he says. We convert thousands of home movies to DVD a month. Home movie to USB conversion is also the same price.
With the headquarters based in Los Angeles, it is easy to ship to from anywhere in the country like New York. Chris says “I suggest shipping MiniDV to DVD conversion orders via USPS for our tape conversion services.”

Our Yelp page says it all. Located in Woodland Hills, we have many clients review us on Yelp, some even from Denver, Colorado! Alden S. from Denver Colorado writes “This guy does amazing work! Sent him 40 tapes from my childhood and the tapes all came back beautifully. Very highly recommended!!!”


We are based in Los Angeles, but offer our MinIDV to DVD conversion service to anyone in the country. New York City is the only city larger than LA, which is why we love to get tape to DVD orders from NYC! Our shipping address is “ATTN: VHS Rescue 21900 Burbank Blvd #300, Los Angeles, CA 91367”


MiniDV to DVD conversion Service

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VHS to DVD Conversion in Woodland Hills

Testimonial for VHS to DVD conversion service in Woodland Hills

VHS Rescue offers VHS to DVD conversion in Woodland Hills. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients. We are highly reputable on Yelp. VHS Rescue directly serves the Greater Los Angeles area for their VHS to DVD conversion needs.

Even if you are not in Los Angeles, say for instance in Denver Colorado, or New York City, we have found that USPS offers a safe method for shipping your tapes for conversion. We provide tape to usb transfer services too.

Call us today at 1-888-720-1120 for consultation on your tape transfer order!

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Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

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Home movie to DVD Transfer in Los Angeles

VHS Rescue provides high quality home movie to DVD transfers in Los Angeles. VHS Rescue can convert a variety of formats of tapes. Our conversion services are highly rated on Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills) . We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction because we know happy customers are good for our business. VHS Rescue can convert VHS to DVD, MinIDV to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, Digital8 to DVD, Video8 to DVD and USB, and plenty of other archival media formats!


VHS Rescue is based in Woodand Hills, a city neighboring West Hills, Tarzana, Topanga, and Calabasas. We provide local pick-up and delivery to these surrounding cities for entire collections of home movies. VHS Rescue can even convert cassette to CD and MP3! When you have a large collection of home movies you want to convert to DVD from tape, you want to convert them to DVD immediately because tape deterioration can ruin your collection of home movies. Home movie to DVD transfer services are important for all formats of tape.


Whether it is your wedding tape to DVD you want us to transfer, or videos of the kids on tape to USB, VHS Rescue can provide the transfer. Our tape to USB file transfer services produce high quality MP4 video format files. Our MP4 files are 640 x 480 (this is the original size of the video on the tape). Our videos are also encoded in H.264.


We complete the home movie to USB transfer pretty quickly. Our minimum rate of conversion for any single or is three tapes a day. We usually convert at least 7 tapes a day per order in que. VHS Rescue provides rush services for home movie to DVD transfer services. When you need to convert your home movies to DVD or USB, VHS Rescue is the most affordable choice in Los Angeles!

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VHS to USB Transfer Service in Los Angeles

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VHS to USB Transfer Service

VHS Rescue provides VHS to USB services for an affordable rate! VHS Rescue started when Chris, the owner of the company need to convert his own home movies to DVD. Once Chris mastered the tape to DVD conversion process, he began a business in Los Angeles. At $10 per tape, VHS Rescue is the most affordable VHS to USB transfer service you’ll find.


VHS Rescue offers their services all across America. From New York city, to Denver, Colorado, and even his neighbors in West Hills, people from all over America have come to VHS Rescue for their VHS to USB transfer needs.


Although VHS is in the name of the company, we offer many other formats of tape to USB conversion too. MiniDV, Betamax, Cassette (mp3 or CD), DVCam, VHS-C, S-VHS, Digital 8, Video8, and Hi8 to file on USB are all covered by VHS Rescue. VHS to USB is a form of VHS Rescue.


VHS Rescue can even transfer tapes from European regions. VHS Rescue has specialized equipment to transfer PAL tape to DVD in Los Angeles. PAL VHS tapes are the most common format VHS Rescue encounters. “We want to preserve your memories from foreign countries” says Chris happily.


VHS Rescue has a reputation for satisfaction that spans from sea to shining sea. From Denver, Colorado our friend Alden recommends us on our Yelp page. From Chicago, Chuck is a big fan of our Betamax to DVD conversion service. You are safe to ship your tapes to Los Angeles, even when coming from a geographically opposite location like New York. USPS is a safe way to transport tapes for transfer to USB. Tape conversion is a hobby of the staff at VHS Rescue.


The output file for the majority of tape to USB conversions are MP4, 640 x 480 encoded with H.264. VHS Rescue wants to bring quality VHS to USB conversion services to Los Angeles and beyond. Chris says “I’m thinking we’ll open an office in New York in 2015. We’ll be providing our variety of tape conversion services in New York through that office. We’ll be preserving your memories there” with a smile.


Check out our Yelp page at http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills and feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-888-720-1120 (this is our toll free!)

vhs to usb service in Los Angeles


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Cassette to CD Conversion Business

Category : Cassette to CD

VHS Rescue should be your first choice for tape conversion services, and that includes the cassette to CD transfer process. VHS Rescue uses high quality equipment during the conversion service to make sure that the end result is something you will be happy with.


Based in Los Angeles, VHS Rescue has been servicing Woodland Hills, West Hills, Tarzana and the surrounding areas for tape conversion services for two years. “We have hundreds of satisfied clients for our VHS to DVD transfer services, and our cassette to digital conversion is the same” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue and continues “We have even had clients from Denver, Colorado, and Chicago Illinois ship us their tapes for transfer to DVD!”


Our Yelp page (http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills) proves the fact that our tape to DVD or USB conversion service is top notch. With 16 five star reviews from clients all across the United States, we exemplify quality video tape conversion, and that includes cassette to CD transfers. We also provide Cassette to USB in a variety of formats. We can convert cassette to MP3, or WAV. WAV is an uncompressed audio format and the file sizes are 800MB+.


Beside the cassette to CD niche, VHS Rescue provides transfer for camcorder tapes to digital. “Hi8 to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, Digital8 to DVD, we do it all!” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue. When you are looking for a tape conversion location to preserve your memories onto DVD, VHS Rescue offers the best prices. “Some clients have driven from Pasadena, Palmdale, and Bakersfield because our services are so great” says Chris.


Our office building is located in Woodland Hills. We are located at 21900 Burbank Blvd #300, Woodland Hills, CA 91307. From Malibu, to Anaheim, we have all of your VHS conversion
needs meet. Thanks for reading!



tape conversion service in los angeles

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Hi8 to DVD Transfer Business in Los Angeles

Category : 8MM to DVD

At VHS Rescue we offer the best tape to dvd services and deals all around L.A which include VHS to DVD. We offer conversions for Hi8 to dvd. Save your memories and money. Don’t get stressed about losing years of home movies. VHS Rescue specializes in converting Hi8 to DVD. We are the best tape to dvd transfer facility in Los Angeles.

Our Yelp reviews (http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills) guarantee our quality work. Our prices are amazing. VHS Rescue offers affordable rates for home movie transfer services in Los Angeles. Drop off your home movie tapes in our office and the Hi8 to DVD transfer service will done in no time. We use quality DVDs, cases and video tape transfer equipment which will make it worth your time. Our tape to DVD business is located on Topanga and Burbank.  Convenient access from the 101. Easy access for all Woodland Hills, Tarzana, and West Hills residents.


VHS Rescue does conversions for MiniDV to DVD too. Previous customers love our tape conversion services.  We offer VHS to USB so there is more reason to love VHS Rescue. We give special deals on orders of more than 100 tapes to UBS or DVD.  The staff at our office is friendly and welcoming. Our staff has the experience of converting thousands of tapes. Chris started VHS Rescue over two years ago which started off as a small business and now VHS Rescue is booming. Chris has customers coming back to him for one reason. He is amazing at what he does. He’s the best in Los Angeles. You cannot find better prices for Hi8 to DVD or MiniDV to DVD than at VHS Rescue. We convert tapes to DVD quickly and efficiently.

Save your childhood memories for future generations to watch on the TV, computer or iPhone. Have all of your home movies transferred onto DVD. Converting your tapes to digital makes it easy for future enjoyment. VHS Rescue wants to help you save time and money. Our prices are amazing. Couple prices with outstanding video and audio quality, our services are the best in Los Angeles. People drive from all around Los Angeles including Burbank, Pasadena, Culver City and more for our high quality work.


Hi8 to DVD transfer in Los Angel

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MiniDV to DVD Los Angeles

MiniDV to DVD Conversion Service in Los Angeles

VHS Rescue converts MiniDV to DVD in Los Angeles. Our tape conversion services are affordable. We specialize in a variety of formats for tape transfer. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles. We convert VHS, MiniDV, and 8mm to DVD. VHS Rescue prides itself on customer service. Home movie transfer services are important to preserve your memories to DVD. This is a great heirloom for future generations. VHS Rescue provides constant communication throughout the process.


VHS Rescue is a trustworthy source for MiniDV to DVD in Los Angeles. We convert MiniDV to USB in Los Angeles also. Digital file for tapes are available for sale for the same price as the DVD. Tape to digital file transfers are good because you can quickly copy the tape conversion. Tape to DVD conversions in Los Angeles take a lot of work. To convert a Mini DV to DVD, the tape to digital file process comes first. Once the MiniDV to digital transfer is complete, the DVD is encoded.


VHS Rescue does quick and efficient work in San Fernando Valley. Based in Woodland Hills, VHS Rescue does tape conversions nearly all day. VHS Rescue has converted thousands of hours of tape to DVD in Woodland Hills. Whether you have Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, VHS, or VHS-C we have the bases covered. VHS Rescue offers pickup services in Calabasas, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, and Encino for large orders of tape to digital transfer.

The DVD for the tape transfer in Woodland Hills used are Kodak currently. High quality DVDs ensure to preserve your memories to DVD for a long time. The file for the tapes is also ready for iPhone and iPad, so you can make your tapes into iMemories! We want you to feel safe when you convert MiniDV to DVD in Los Angeles.

You can order your MiniDV to DVD conversion service here.

Look at us on Yelp here.


minidv to dvd conversion service in los angeles

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video into dvd

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Video Into DVD

VHS Rescue is absolutely amazing. We offer so many great deals. Deals such as video into dvd. Bring in your old video tapes and have them converted. Low prices. Affordable. Easy access. Worth your money. Save your money. Don’t waste another penny at other places. Come to VHS Rescue where we’ll save you tons of money. We offer package deals as well. Bring your tapes in bundles and have them converted for low prices. We want to help all our customers out. VHS Rescue is located in the valley. West side of the valley. Located on Topanga and Burbank. Easy access to all valley residents. You won’t regret it. Great choice to come to VHS Rescue. We offer services such as video into dvd. Low prices. Cheap. Worth the drive. Worth your time. Chris is the best in the business. Previous customers are satisfied with his work. Visit our Yelp page at, http://http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills. Previous customers absolutely love VHS Rescue. You should too. Reviews written by previous customers. Read them and you’ll want to come to VHS Rescue. Great receptionists there to help you out. Our office is located on Topanga and Burbank. All L.A. residents are welcome. You’ll save tons of money with us. Chris has been doing these services for years. He started off by doing his families. After he mastered the skill he opened up VHS Rescue. VHS Rescue is booming. VHS Rescue offers video into dvd. Save your memories for a lifetime now. No more worrying. VHS Rescue is the best conversion service in all of L.A. We’ll beat out the competitors prices. Our prices can’t be beat. We can guarantee you that. Totally worth it to come to our office. Chris does the conversions privately. Your old tapes will be safe. You’ll get brand new dad’s. Don’t waste another second. Come to VHS Rescue.


video into dvd


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8mm conversion

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8mm Conversion

Come to our conversion office. VHS Rescue. We’re located on Topanga and Burbank. We offer the best services in L.A. Fair prices. Cheap. Low prices. Save your money. VHS Rescue is what you’ve been looking for. We’re the absolute best. We can guarantee you that. We save people money and memories. Chris does an amazing job. He puts passion into his work. He’s the best in L.A. VHS rescue prices can’t be beaten. We can guarantee you that. VHS Rescue offers 8mm conversion. Best in L.A. Don’t waste another second with other companies. VHS Rescue is the best in all of L.A. Convenient location for all valley residents. Worth the drive. Worth your time. Worth your money. Save all your precious memories. No more worrying about losing them. Chris offer package deals. Bring your 8mm tapes in bundles and we’ll give you deals. Save money. Save your memories for a lifetime. Totally worth it. You’ll be satisfied. We can guarantee you that. Previous customers have loved VHS Rescue. Visit us on Yelp at, http://http://www.yelp.com/biz/vhs-rescue-woodland-hills. Customers love our services. That’s what we love to see. Satisfied customers all around L.A. People come to us to save memories. We don’t only save you memories. We save you guys money as well. VHS Rescue is a professional business. We offer the best services. Chris is a professional. He’s a master at his job. He serves all L.A. residents. He does an amazing job. turn out quality is amazing. Don’t waste your money at other places. Come to VHS Rescue where you’ll save tons of money. We offer 8mm conversion services. Best in Los Angeles. You won’t regret your decision to come to VHS rescue. Totally worth it. We have such great deals to offer. VHS Rescue will change your life. We’ll save your memories for a lifetime.


8mm conversion

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