8MM to DVD Conversion

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8MM to DVD Conversion

Convert 8MM to DVD


VHS Rescue converts 8MM to DVD. They are¬†famous for their VHS to DVD conversion. We aren’t limited to VHS to DVD transfer though. VHS Rescue provides many different tape transfer services. 8MM to DVD is a variation of tape conversion that VHS Rescue offers.


8MM tapes are thin and are comparable to the size of an iPhone. VHS Rescue specializes in 8MM tape transfer to DVD because of their equipment. 8MM tape has a variety of different formats. Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 are all recorded on 8MM tape. This is confusing for a novice tape transfer company. VHS Rescue mastered the 8MM tape to DVD transfer process when they started.


The equipment used by VHS Rescue to convert 8MM to DVD is from a highly influential source in the industry. The playback machines VHS Rescue uses to transfer 8MM tape to DVD can play all the formats; Hi8, Video8, and Digital8. VHS Rescue saves time on your 8MM to DVD transfer using the specialized piece of equipment. “We don’t cut corners. We go all out and spend what we need to spend in order to be a top notch company” says Chris the owner of VHS Rescue the tape conversion business.


8MM tapes are common in households. The camcorders for recording on 8MM tape have been popular over two decades! Many home movies were recorded on 8MM tape in one format or the other. Chris advises to convert home movies to DVD recorded on 8MM tape immediately.


“If you do not get 8mm to DVD transfers done ASAP, the deterioration risk increases. I’ve seen orders where the tape is heavily deteriorated and the home movie is lost. 8MM tape to DVD conversion is important so you can preserve the memories” says Chris. “I converted a collection of 8MM tape to DVD for my family when I started. I learned the process and use the same technique but with professional equipment for your order. If you need VHS to DVD, we can do that too” finishes Chris.


Check out the VHS Rescue tape to DVD Yelp here. Buy 8mm to DVD transfer services here.


8mm to DVD

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