8mm Tape to DVD Conversion

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8mm Tape to DVD Conversion

8MM Tape to DVD Conversion


8MM tape to DVD conversion services by VHS Rescue are highly reliable and affordable. VHS Rescue provides quality tape transfer services for all who need it. VHS Rescue focuses on home movies mainly. Tape conversion by VHS Rescue is a highly efficient process with a guarantee of satisfaction. VHS to DVD services are also offered.


8MM tape was primarily used in camcorders from the late 80s to the mid 2000s. All of the 8mm tapes have a timeline for deterioration. The tapes will lose quality unless the video and audio content is converted to DVD. 8mm tape to DVD conversion is necessary for the preservation of all home movies.


When we capture home movies on 8mm tape, the intent is to keep them for future generations to see. The reality is, that this is not what tapes were made for. For future generations to be able to see the video content of your camcorder tapes, 8mm tape to dvd conversion services needs to be purchased.


VHS Rescue uses high quality equipment to guarantee the best tape to dvd transfer happens. VHS Rescue uses high quality DVDs to convert tape to DVD which ensures that your home movie is preserved for the longest period of time.


VHS Rescue brings the price for 8mm tape to dvd conversion down to an affordable and reasonable price. Competitors often charge close to or more than double the price for tape transfer. VHS Rescue takes no mercy on competitiors, by providing better quality service for a more competitive price.


If the question “How to convert 8mm tape to DVD?” every crosses your mind, you can call Chris, the owner of VHS Rescue at 818-835-5337 and he will answer all of your tape transfer questions.


VHS Rescue is a highly respected business in the Greater Los Angeles area. Please read our Yelp reviews on the page here.


8mm tape to dvd conversion service

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