8MM Home Movies to DVD

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8MM Home Movies to DVD

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Converting 8MM Home Movies to DVD


VHS Rescue transfers 8mm home movies to DVD. Beside being known as the best VHS to DVD conversions service available, VHS Rescue converts camcorder tapes to DVD. 8mm home movies include Hi8, Digital8, and Video8. When you feel like the time is ready to transfer home videos to dvd, call VHS Rescue.


VHS Rescue ensures the safety of all home videos. “I understand that you send us priceless tapes through the mail, and it is my responsibility to take care of them” says Chris, the owner of VHS Rescue. 8MM home movies to DVD is a service that should only be done by a trusted and established home move conversion service. “We make sure that every tape to dvd conversion contains the entire video” says Chris.


“8MM home movie to DVD is one of my favorite home movie transfers to perform because it reminds of when I had a camcorder. Transferring home movie tapes is nostalgic” says Chris. VHS Rescue is a privately owned tape conversion service. Chris is the sole owner, and his best interest is in keeping your home movies safe. “We want your 8MM home movies to dvd transfer to go smoothly” says Chris and adds “we want all of your tape to dvd conversions to go smoothly!”


Chris has been in the 8mm home movies to DVD business since May 1st 2013. “Our very first tape to DVD conversion order was more than 40 Hi8 tapes. At the time we did not have a Hi8 player, so we borrowed one. Since than, we have grown as a tape conversion service and have professional equipment” says Chris.


“I want all your home movies conversion needs to be completed in a timely manner. A single 8MM home movies to DVD transfer can take up to 4 hours. We do our best to operate as efficiently as possible by organizing multiple computers for your tape to DVD conversion needs. Please check out our Yelp page here, where you can see raving reviews about our VHS to DVD services and more!” says Chris.


8mm home movies to dvd

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