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Search engine optimization can be broken down into three primary categories: Website optimization, domain recognition, and content creation. Each of these can have different aspects.

How to Improve Your SEO with a Topic-Driven Content Marketing Approach
Website Optimization
If your website has quality content, visitors will click your links, your page will rank higher in the search results, and your website will gain more customers. This is called website optimization and the basic framework for it is to create content that showcases your knowledge and your skills and then offer what the readers want. This would not be a good reason to optimize a website because content creation alone may not produce the best results, but the information will be valuable to your customers.
Domain Recognition
When you are on a brand name or an established name, people won’t naturally be looking for you in a search engine. This means that if your website has excellent domain recognition (as calculated through Alexa’s Domain Effectiveness Score), then your SEO could be successful.
Highly Recognized Domain Name/Meta Description:
The second type of SEO that you should be aware of is finding out what you have in place for you. If you have a website with a well-developed site that is very descriptive, then your visitors will know to head for the content on your site and Google can read your site SEO keywords. According to companies like Victorious, this makes it easier for them to understand where your site’s focus lies.
Needless to say, both of these have different aspects that will make it important for you to know how to work on them.
Helpful Subdomains:
Your site’s domain should have a nice combination of keywords within it as well as descriptive subdomains. This will show Google that your domain has an important purpose to it. One example would be sites that are the official shop of a specific company. If your brand name is similar to the company, then the Google search engine will look for a domain for the name. On the other hand, if your domain has a memorable and strong name and your brand name is not similar to that of your company, then it will not be possible for Google to help in the search results.
Creating a Good Website (Not Easy)
If you have created a website in the past, or if you have started with a blank template, you know that this can be quite difficult to navigate. A site’s layout will be different from one site to another and your navigation may also differ from what you are used to. If all of this makes you worry about your website’s SEO, then you need to take it a step further.
In an article from Huffington Post, they covered some major steps that you can take to improve the optimization of your website. One thing that they noticed from the best SEO websites they researched is the quality of their site architecture. This is one of the first points that they tackled and it needs to be mentioned because not every SEO company is aware of it.
Organic vs. Built-In SEO:
SEO company’s are more attracted to organic search traffic due to their intuition about how people search. When they learn about organic traffic, it creates extra belief that they can trust this type of traffic. Once they invest a lot of time, money, and effort into organic search, they begin to realize how important and powerful the paid methods of search are.

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